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29 Oct 2014 16:20

Alloa man maintains not guilty plea denying having acted in threatening manner

AN Alloa man denies having acted in a threatening manner last year.


29 Oct 2014 15:42

Sheriff grants last chance for pregnant mum of three guilty of four assaults

A PREGNANT mother of three has been warned to expect jail time if she fails to adhere to the provisions of a community payback order.


29 Oct 2014 11:30

Inmate assaulted prison guard

AN INMATE at HMP Glenochil has pleaded guilty to assaulting a prison guard following a row over cutlery.


29 Oct 2014 09:30

Local man denies assaulting pregnant woman

A Clackmannan man denies assaulting a pregnant woman.


29 Oct 2014 09:30

Community payback order for Alloa teenager after mobile phone theft

AN ALLOA teen has been given a community payback order after admitting to theft and attempting to pervert the course of justice.


29 Oct 2014 09:30

Man sentenced for throwing shoe and buggy

A FORMER Alloa man has been given a one-month prison term following four counts of abusive behaviour — including threatening to kill a woman earlier this year.


17 Oct 2014 15:00

Glenochil prisoner caught with mobile and charger pays price

A PRISONER caught with a mobile phone and makeshift charger in Scotland’s tough Glenochil Prison dodged a further jail term on Thursday.


15 Oct 2014 09:30

Young man jailed for almost five years, after Sauchie shop robbery

A YOUNG masked robber who targeted a Sauchie grocery store TWICE within a few days has been locked up for almost five years.


10 Oct 2014 09:00

Cambus teen shouted sick abuse

A CAMBUS teenager who shouted disability abuse outside a grocery store in Tullibody was admonished at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday 2 October.


8 Oct 2014 14:30

Alva dealer feels pain

AN Alva man who was caught carrying £1120 worth of cannabis claimed he used it to ease the pain of a back injury, Alloa Sheriff Court heard.


8 Oct 2014 12:00

Unpaid work for Alloa man caught throwing a punch

A MAN who was caught throwing a punch at another man has been ordered to complete 60 hours of unpaid work over the next three months.


3 Oct 2014 16:30

Man can’t explain why he torched car in Tilly

A MAN who torched a car in Tillicoultry after claiming his drink was spiked avoided jail.


3 Oct 2014 15:30

Thief given four months to stay out of trouble

A SERIAL thief has been given four months to stay out of trouble.


3 Oct 2014 10:15

Alloa man and woman charged with being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs

A MAN and a woman were remanded in custody on Wednesday (1 October) charged with being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs, following police seizures of cannabis and cocaine said to be worth over £140,000.


25 Sep 2014 14:30

Sauchie couple fined for keeping animals in disgusting conditions

A HUSBAND and wife have been convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a number of pigs and horses at a small agricultural holding in Fishcross.


25 Sep 2014 09:00 • Jenness Mitchell

Alloa Sheriff Court round-up

ROUND-UP of Monday (22 September) in Alloa Sheriff Court.


22 Sep 2014 17:00 • Jenness Mitchell

Thieving workers who robbed Alloa ASDA avoid jail

Two former Asda employees who swindled £3000 worth of goods and cash from the Alloa superstore have been ordered to pay it back.


19 Sep 2014 13:00 • Jenness Mitchell

Tilly man caught with methadone

A man caught with £15 worth of methadone was sentenced to a Community Payback Order with supervision for 12 months.


19 Sep 2014 07:00 • Jenness Mitchell

A reprieve for Clackmannan's Ruby

A pensioner who smashed a teapot over her husband’s head expressed her gratitude after avoiding punishment for the assault.


18 Sep 2014 09:30 • Jenness Mitchell

Alloa man sent to booze counselling for cops ‘Nazi’ abuse

A pensioner who drunkenly branded police officers “Nazi Gestapo ********” has been ordered to undergo alcohol counselling.


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