ALLOA is proving to be a "hot" postcode area for fire crews.

The Clackmannanshire town was one of the top five places for house fires in 2011-12.

Between 10 and 19 house fires were recorded last year at addresses with postcodes that start with the letters and numbers FK10 1 and FK10 2.

The number of house fires attended by Central Scotland Fire and Rescue has been mapped by the service as part of a national campaign to encourage people to have working smoke alarms in the home.

Of the 247 house fires in Central Scotland in 2011-12, more than half (60 per cent) did not have a working smoke alarm or had no smoke alarm at all. In the same year, three people in the region lost their lives and 54 people were hurt or injured.

The national campaign comes in the form of a tour, providing fire safety advice and offering free Home Fire Safety Visits, which will stop in Lidl carpark, Alloa on 22 November and Sterling Mills, Tillicoultry on 24 November.

Group Manager Gordon Pryde, Central Scotland Fire and Rescue said, "Fire can happen to anyone at any time, and we're urging people across Central Scotland to make fire safety a priority this winter by installing and regularly checking their smoke alarms.

"Working smoke alarms are the most effective way of providing early warning of the onset of fire, and too often, we attend fires where smoke alarms are absent or not working. They really can make all the difference should the worst happen, and we'd encourage anyone concerned to request a Home Fire Safety Visit today." The other postcode areas highlighted in the map which had 10-19 hours fires were FK1 4, FK2 7 and FK8.

Launching the campaign, Roseanna Cunningham, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs said, "While the number of house fires in Scotland is at its lowest in a decade, this map shows no region of Scotland is untouched by the dangers of fire, and underlines the importance of keeping your family safe from the risks.

"We know that smoking and drinking are causes for a considerable number of fires in Scotland. Smoking materials and matches was the primary cause for more than one in twelve accidental house fires in 2011/12, while we also know that alcohol and/or drugs was suspected to be a factor in at least one in six accidental house fires.

"Smoking, alcohol consumption, cooking accidents, misuse of electrical appliances or the overloading of electrical sockets are all potential risks. I fully support our fire and rescue services across Scotland to continue doing their excellent work to help people better understand these risks." To request a free Home Fire Safety Visit, text FIRE to 61611 or visit for fire safety advice.