A SAUCHIE teenager has become one of the newest airmen in the Royal Air Force after graduating from basic training with a trophy.

Andrew Duncan, of Windmill View, marched onto the parade square as one of 50 new airmen to graduate after nine weeks of intensive basic training at RAF Halton near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

The training at RAF Halton is designed to take the new recruit and transform him into an airman fit for operations by laying in place the foundation stones they will build on throughout their career.

Andrew was also awarded the Rothschild Trophy which is presented to the recruit who achieves the highest overall standard in Initial Force Protection Training.

He thoroughly enjoyed his training and said, "I have learned so much and met so many people. The highlight of my time here has been learning how to handle weapons during the Initial Force Protection Training but I have benefited enormously from the physical training elements. I was overjoyed to have won this award and I look forward now to starting the next stage of my professional training with the Royal Air Force." The 19-year-old, who went to Lornshill Academy and Perth College prior to joining the RAF, will now move to the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering at RAF Cosford to commence training as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic (Mechanical).

Squadron Leader Joe Duhan, Officer Commanding Recruit Training Squadron, said, "Today is a proud day for Andrew, as well as his family; achieving success in Basic Training requires mental, physical and emotional strength, because the course is far from easy, and a great sense of achievement is felt by all, including the instructors who help them towards their objective of graduating. He is more than ready to start the next phase of his career, and build on what he has achieved already. The operational environment poses significant challenges, and training our people optimally prepares them for these challenges."