VIEWS will be sought on the possibility of changing the school holidays for pupils in Clackmannanshire.

A consultation will be conducted by Clackmannanshire Council to determine whether or not to keep the existing arrangement of seven weeks in the summer and one week in October, or to move to six weeks and two weeks respectively.

Any changes would come into effect from 2015/2016.

Clackmannanshire, Stirling and Falkirk local authorities currently use an agreed formula for setting the pattern of holidays.

It was reached shortly after the creation of the unitary authorities, recognising that pupils from all three local authorities areas attend schools in other local authority establishments.

It allows a degree of flexibility with the setting of occasional days such as one-off local holiday and in-service days.

Committee convenor councillor Ellen Forson said, "Given the lapse in time since the pattern of term dates was set, now is an appropriate time to ask parents and other interested parties what their preference would be, in particular, views will be sought on whether there is support for a longer October break."

The consultation will begin at the end of this month and run until February.

A report on the outcome of the consultation will come before the Education, Sport and Leisure Committee in April 2013.

The consultation is now open. Go to: