A SAUCHIE fundraiser wants Clackmannanshire Council to sort themselves out following their lack of help with a charity event.

The council however have hit back that they have accommodated the booking.

Tracey White (43) will host Rock for Macmillan next month in Alloa Town Hall.

Tumblin Dice and Calibre will take to its stage for the cancer support organisation, belting out classic rock numbers in the shape of the Stones, Springsteen, AC/DC, Queen and many more.

Tracey organised the event as a thank you to Macmillan following her battle with cancer in 2006 - where she had 12 tumours removed and radiotherapy to her throat.

She told the Advertiser, "I was very ill and Macmillan helped me - not just with care or pain relief but with day to day stuff like what benefits I could receive while I was off sick, help with transport to hospital, and just being a friendly face and someone to talk to. It didn't matter how busy they were, they would give you the time." Sadly Tracey's career as a singer had to stop following her illness, but since then she has put together several concerts to raise almost �10,000 for The Beatson Oncology Centre and The Mouth Cancer Foundation.

This time round Tracey had a battle on her hands with the council to hire the Town Hall at a reduced rate.

She said, "I was told as I was making a profit I had to pay the full price. I explained I was not making a personal profit and the whole idea of a fundraiser was to make money for the charity. This did not seem to register and I had a few discussions about it.

"Also because I had raised so much in the past paying the full price 'should not be an issue'.

"This comment infuriated me. I contacted Derek Stewart who knows me personally and the work I have done in the past for cancer and he took up this issue. I eventually was told 'on this occasion' I could have it at the reduced rate." Tracey then decided to use the Town Hall's box office, at a service charge of five per cent, as an extra way punters could buy tickets.

She added, "I spoke to three separate people. One didn't know anything about it and the second said, 'I think we do it, but you can't use the number on posters as we are too busy to answer phones.'" Tracey was then told she could not put a poster up on the Speirs Centre notice board to advertise the gig night.

Following a meeting with the council's Bruce Geary, Tracey received an apology, was told she could use the Box Office number on advertising and that there was no reason the poster couldn't go up in the Speirs Centre.

Problem solved, Tracey thought.

Unfortunately, five weeks later the poster still hadn't been put up.

After another phone call to the council, she was told that if she handed in some flyers they would distribute them to other council offices.

Tracey added, "I feel very let down and disappointed with the treatment from the council and although they tried to explain their reasons to me I do not agree with them.

"I am trying to do a good thing with this concert as someone who has saw first hand the excellent work these charities do and the help they give others, but feel since day one there has been obstacles put in my way.

"I would say to Clackmannanshire Council - sort yourselves out." In the last week Tracey's posters have since been pinned up on the Speirs Centre notice board.

In response, Stephen Crawford - the council's head of facilities management - said, "We have discussed matters in full with Ms White on a number of occasions and we have agreed to give her Alloa Town Hall on that evening for her charity event at a reduced rate.

"Although there is limited space in the interim Speirs Centre, we are delighted to have accommodated her by putting up her posters and distributing them as well as her flyers to all of our local CAP offices as well as having included the information about her event in our 'What's On' folder.

"We have also tried to ensure maximum publicity for what is a very worthwhile cause, by including it in the online Events Diary on Clacksweb." Rock for Macmillan will take place on Saturday 15 December at Alloa Town Hall, 7.30pm-12am. There will be a licensed bar and prize raffle.

Tickets are �10 each and are available by calling (01259) 213131, emailing tracey@tracer.uk.com or popping into Europa Music or Roadshow Music in Stirling.