ALLEGATIONS of drug related issues blighting a block of flats on West Johnstone Street in Alva are to be investigated.

Councillor Donald Balsillie, who represents Alva, is to ask officers to look into claims that drug related activity is effecting those who live in the flats and surrounding area.

The move comes after claims by local resident John O'Hare that the block is full of problems to do with drink, drugs and break-ins.

This came to light when the 55-year-old - whose home is opposite - saw a prospective tenant being shown around the property and went across to warn her off.

In response the issue will be looked into, however authorities say they have not received any complaints in relation to the block of flats as yet.

Mr O'Hare on the other hand, says he finds it difficult to believe that the issues were not known to them, explaining, "There's more police presence in our street than there is days in the week."

He said he finds it "unacceptable" for them to "look the other way" and that he "doesn't believe" that they didn't know about the drug problems.

Mr Balsillie said the council and its partners are committed to doing everything within their powers both to prevent anti-social behaviour and to clamp down on it when occurs.

He added, "To enable us to do that,0 communities play a vital role in alerting us to issues. We received reports of anti-social behaviour in this area of Alva earlier in the year and responded with a five-week period of intensive monitoring and patrols by community wardens and police officers. We have not received any reports of drug related issues at this address, but I will be asking officers to look into these allegations."

Inspector Malcolm McEwan of Central Scotland Police said, "We have not had any complaints about drug dealing in this area and I urge for anyone who may have information about this to contact us. There have been instances of anti-social behaviour in this particular street earlier this year and we responded and dealt with these."