YOUNG BMX bikers are causing havoc on the pavements and streets of Sauchie.

Community constables have had to issue a warning amid a flurry of complaints by local businesses and motorists.

The reckless cyclists are seen intimidating pedestrians and careering in front of cars.

Local police officers say that any cyclist caught riding irresponsibly could have their bicycle confiscated.

Initially the perpetrator of the offence will receive a warning and required to walk their bicycle home where it should remain until roadworthy - unless it is used solely for 'off road' purposes.

Parents could also be charged if the bicycle is not roadworthy and the cyclist is under the age of 16.

Earlier last year the village was hit with a similar problem.

A joint statement in the force website issued by Sauchie and Fishcross Community Officers, Neil Cheyne and Martyn Paterson, read, "It has been noted by several members of the public and local businesses in Sauchie that the youths riding these are doing so in a dangerous manner by cycling in front of vehicles in the middle of the road as well as disrupting innocent members of the public by circling them as they walk along the footpaths." They warn that: - Anyone found to be riding a pedal cycle on a footpath will be charged under terms of Section 129(5) of the Road (Scotland) Act 1984.

- Anyone found to be riding a pedal cycle during the hours of darkness with no lights will be charged under terms of Regulations 18 and 24 of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989.

- Anyone found to be riding a pedal cycle with defective brakes or no brakes will be charged under terms of Regulation 10(1) of the Pedal Cycle (Construction & Use) Regulations 1983.

The statement continues, "In the interests of safety I urge all cyclists and parents of children using bicycles to ensure that their bicycles are in full working order with functioning brakes.

"If cycling in the dark that lights are properly fitted and in working order as well as ensuring that safety helmets are worn.

"Many may think 'It won't happen to me' however we aim to improve awareness of this issue and will enforce the following legislation on anyone who fails to take note of this advice: "A parent has a duty of care to their child and therefore any parent who allows their child (under 16) to ride their bicycle with no brakes will be charged for permitting them to do so under terms of the above regulation also."