Starting next month the Alloa Advertiser's website will carry more content than ever before.

Until now, the editor has always decided to pick and choose what stories went on the Advertiser's website, but in a new approach to our online content, that's going to change.

Along with breaking news every day, the Advertiser's news team will upload all of the lead stories from the newspaper over the course of each week. There will even be special content and competitions designed solely for the websites.

In return for the new content, users will soon need to register (for free!) first before reading. All we ask for is a simple name and email address for each online reader. Users will also be given the option of filling out more details so they have a full profile on the site.

Once signed-up, readers can expect to get access to all the content on the website - which will be updated with more news than ever before.

Michael McCartney, Editor of the Advertiser, said: "This is excellent news for our online readers who will now benefit from even more content than ever before.

"By filling out the profiles and telling us about themselves, we will get a better understanding of our online audience and allow us to tailor our stories and other content to best fit with what they want to see and read.

"It will be a real challenge for our news team to keep our website updated constantly with fresh news, but it's one that we relish and a challenge we have to take on to meet the demands of our readers."

The new registration system will come into place from February 1st and will appear as a pop-up screen as soon as you enter the website. Those using Advertiser mobile apps and mobile websites will also have to register.