Steven Miller is ready to hit the stage.

The former Alva Academy pupil and Casualty star will return north of the border to play Detective Roy Grace in Peter James’ The Perfect Murder, showing at King’s Theatre Glasgow next week.

The 31-year-old told the Advertiser, “The Perfect Murder is a dark comedy thriller about the trials of marriage, murder, and a healthy slice of the supernatural.

“It’s gripping, it’s hilarious, it’s really a lot of fun.

“Roy Grace has become Peter’s star character throughout many of his novels and with this show I have the privilege of portraying the man himself on his first solo case as Detective Constable.

“A younger, more naive, but equally determined Grace which Peter’s huge fanbase will hopefully recognise as the Grace they follow.” Before making a name for himself as Lenny Lyons in BBC1’s prime-time Saturday night award-winning medical drama Casualty, Steven whet his acting appetite with Clackmannanshire’s very own Forefront Stage School.

He said, “Its director, Naidha Stalker, was a huge help when it came to taking the step toward drama schools and I eventually gained a place at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

“Acting wasn’t always on my radar as a career path, in all honesty it was something I loved doing but hadn’t realised was even an option until about the age of 16-18. Though my mum would firmly maintain that I’d been ‘taking the Michael’ out her for a good few years before that.” Steven loves the creativity of acting and exploring new characters.

He said, “It’s a career that certainly isn’t without its down sides, but if you love it then the up sides more than outweigh. Not doing it is something difficult to comprehend at this point.” As well as Casualty, Steven’s other TV credits include the likes of The Bill, Holby City and Our Girl.

Theatre highlights include playing Boromir in the London stage show of The Lord Of The Rings and Stewarty in National Theatre of Scotland’s Black Watch in New York.

Although Steven has lived in London for the past 10 years, the Wee County is never far from his heart.

He added, “The things I loved about growing up in Clackmannanshire have to be the countryside on your doorstep, fresh air, and friendly people.

“London of course still has its friendly people, but the mentality is different. There’s a tunnel vision almost where folks just get where they’re going without actually seeing who’s sitting beside them, holding the door open for them, driving their bus.

“An old neighbour of mine was once shocked to find that I’d lived two doors down for over three years before she noticed.” Quick fire questions with Steven Miller: Pub or club: Pub.

Favourite band: Big question, probably Sigur Rós or Blue Rose Code.

Favourite colour: Grey or Blue.

Favourite book: The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

TV show of the moment: Loving Game of Thrones.

Favourite superhero: Wolverine.

Favourite drink: Irn-Bru/Martinis, any kind.

The Perfect Murder Have you ever wondered how you commit the perfect murder?

Victor and Joan Smiley have been married for a long time, but Victor secretly loathes his wife and is getting attention elsewhere. Meanwhile Joan is bored stiff by Victor, whose irritating ways are driving her mad. The marriage has reached a crisis point and Victor decides there is only one way to get Joan out of his life forever – but he’s about to get a nasty surprise. As young Detective Roy Grace starts to investigate his very first homicide case, he begins to fear that nothing is quite as it seems.

Direct from his West End lead role in Spamalot, Les Dennis (Chicago, Hairspray) stars alongside Claire Goose (Waking the Dead, Casualty), Gray O’Brien (Coronation Street, Peak Practice), Steven Miller (Casualty) and Simona Armstrong, (finalist in the BBC’s search for a Maria).

The Perfect Murder, King’s Theatre Glasgow, 18-22 March.

For tickets, call the Box Office on 0844 871 7648 or book online via