LES MILLS Body Balance Every Monday 8pm and Friday 5.45pm Comprising elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, balance and relaxation. Suitable for men and women of all fitness levels over the age of 16.

LES MILLS Body Attack Wednesday 6.45pm & Thursday 6.45pm This high energy, 3 dimensional class includes aerobic, strength & sports training, with options given to suit all levels of fitness.

LES MILLS Body Pump Tuesday 6.15am, Wednesday 5.45pm, Thursday 7.45pm & Saturday 9am Challenge yourself with the original barbell workout that will strengthen and tone your entire body. Using the REP effect, more lean muscle is created and therefore helps to burn fat quicker.

LES MILLS Body Combat Monday 5.45pm, Tuesday 7.10pm, Thursday 6.15am & Saturday at 10.10am Come and unleash your inner warrior, this class is inspired by mixed martial arts and will change your shape by reactive core training.

LES MILLS CXWORX Tuesday 6.35pm and Saturday 11am This is a 30 minute workout designed to strengthen the core. It will improve functional training and assist in the prevention of injury.

LES MILLS Attack/CXWORX Sunday 5pm Using the 30 minute body attack format along with 30 minutes of cxworx as a perfect compliment to each other.

INDOOR CYCLING Monday & Wednesday 6.15am, 6pm & 7pm, Tuesday & Thursday 6pm, 7pm & 8pm, Friday 6.15am, 5.45pm & 6.45pm, Saturday 10am & 11pm, Sunday 10am (45 minute classes) Tuesday & Thursday 12.15pm ( 30 minute classes) Come along and cycle to great music, all classes suitable from beginner to hardcore! Children aged 12 to 15 can come along with an adult on Fridays at 5.45pm and 6.45pm.

PILATES Tuesday 11.15am, Friday 11am This class focuses on building strength, and improving flexibility and agility.

METAFIT Tuesday 8.15pm, Thursday 8.50pm, and Saturday 11.40am A 30 minute class using body weight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to boost the metabolism.

BOXACISE Wednesday 9pm and Sunday 7.30pm A circuit based class using punch bags, cycling, skipping, abdominal work and strength training to work the body.

MEGABURN Friday 6.30pm This intense fat burning class is designed to tone every muscle, it includes a 30 minute cardio workout with 30 minutes of specific toning.

ZUMBA Tuesday 5.45pm A fun dance based exercise class with all the latest music.

LINE DANCING Tuesday 1.30pm & Thursday 11am Have fun line dancing to great music, using grapevines, sailor steps, coaster steps and many more.

AQUA AEROBICS Monday 12.30pm, Wednesday 12.30pm, Thursday 7.45pm & Friday 12.30pm A water based class suitable for all abilities.

INTERVAL STEP Wednesday 8.00pm – 8.45pm Add a twist to your Step routine with Interval Step! Interval Step introduces alternated sets of interval training along with your regular Step workout. So not only do you get the advantage of aerobic exercise, you’ll get the added benefit of an interval training routine that challenges your body to a new level of fitness. What makes Interval Step great - A platform, weights, bands and sizzling energy all make for a great Interval class. With integrated strength and aerobic exercises to tone your muscles and get your heart pumping, you’ll be getting maximum workout potential.