A new photographic project, which aims to document the life of people living in Clackmannanshire, will be launched in two weeks.

Humans Of Clacks, a ‘street photography essay’ by local photographer Jeremy Lavender, will showcase everyday scenes from the Wee County.

Jeremy (52), who originally hails from eastern Belgium, is hoping to create a social documentary over the course of the next few years by taking images of and life stories from as many people around the county as possible.

Jeremy has lived and worked in the USA and Bahamas after leaving his homeland over a decade ago.

He said: “I am a landscape and street life photographer, I like to take pictures of the people on the street.

“Some people will have a smile and you can even start speaking with them.

“Some other ones, when you take their pictures – it’s better to do nothing and move on.

“Here, in Scotland, it seems to be more open and people are smiling too. It reminds me the way it was when I grew up in Belgium.” For every portrait he snaps he hopes to get a story from the subject, and a few paragraphs about their daily life.

He will be publishing all his work in a blog format on his website and Facebook page.

Jeremy explained: “I like to get something from the people [I photograph], something very personal.

“It can be something funny, it can be something serious or it can be a message. Something they are thinking about.

“I would like to create something very interesting and give the personality of the people.” While Clacks is the smallest county in Scotland, Jeremy hopes something big can come out of the project, which he hopes will run successfully for years to come.

Ultimately, he hopes his project can contribute to the history of the Wee County.

The photographer, who is now located in his new studio at Alloa’s Marcelle House, says that if he can reach around 3000-5000 people of the 50,000 who live here, the project will be successful.

He is already gathering interest on his Facebook page, Humans Of Clacks, where people can sign up to take part and help the essay move forwards faster.

Jeremy will be running the project in his free time alongside working in his studio and everyone he takes a picture of will be sent a free digital copy via email.

For more information about Jeremy and Humans Of Clacks, visit albapictures.com or search for the project on Facebook.