KEY players from Clackmannanshire’s tourism sector will meet at Inglewood House & Spa on Tuesday, March 28 to find out about an important new marketing campaign to encourage more visitors to explore the area.

Organised by VisitScotland on behalf of partners in the local tourism business group Discover Clackmannanshire, the event will introduce local firms to the new £20,000 digital marketing campaign for Clackmannanshire, supported by VisitScotland.

The national tourism organisation’s Growth Fund provided £10,000 for the new campaign, which is match-funded by Discover Clackmannanshire members, including Clackmannanshire Council, Alloa Round Table, Alloa Town Centre BID, Gean House/Ceteris, Inglewood House & Spa, Sterling Mills Outlet Shopping Village and The Woods Caravan Park.

The event will feature a presentation on the new year-long campaign by Discover Clackmannanshire Chairman Steven Campbell, of Inglewood House & Spa, who will reveal how the Wee County will be promoted through digital marketing activity, including a programme of social media, a revamped website, interactive mapping, visitor itineraries and new promotional video.

The evening’s guest speaker will be Neil Robertson, better known online as Travels With a Kilt, who is a digital marketing consultant and one of Scotland’s most influential outdoors travel bloggers with a massive online following for his adventures across a range of channels - including 15.8k followers on Instagram alone.

The self-professed ‘travelling Scotsman and man in a skirt’ will share some of his experiences of exploring Clackmannanshire and provide practical tips on how local businesses can get behind the new digital marketing drive and using social media to support the campaign to attract more visitors.

Steven Campbell, chairman of Discover Clackmannanshire said: “There is real enthusiasm within the industry here for our new marketing approach and this exciting new campaign so I’m looking forward to this opportunity to share details about it with fellow businesses from the local community. I am confident that they will be very supportive of all the plans and keen to know how best we can all work together to capitalise on the opportunities it presents.”

Travels With a Kilt travel blogger Neil Robertson said: “I am passionate about unearthing the lesser-known spots on Scotland's world-class tourism map, believing that every region is unique and has its own special appeal. Thanks to its stunning landscapes, fantastic walking and cycling routes and numerous evocative historical sites in particular, I'm delighted to help shine the spotlight on Clackmannanshire.

“The investment being made in digital marketing will do wonders for the worldwide exposure that the region craves and will thrive on. I look forward to supporting this exciting collaboration of partners and helping Clackmannanshire to realise its potential as a travel destination on the rise.”

Liz Buchanan MBE, VisitScotland regional partnerships director, added: "The launch of the new campaign makes this an exciting time for tourism in Clackmannanshire, and provides opportunities for all kinds of businesses to benefit from the new profile it will bring.

“I hope this event attracts a great turnout of businesses of all kinds from across Clackmannanshire, including those who perhaps haven’t thought of themselves as part of the tourism industry before, such as transport providers, retailers, cafes and pubs. Support from all businesses is what will make this #DiscoverClacks campaign a huge success and make a valuable contribution to the local economy.”

The evening will include an opportunity to ask the speakers questions and there will also be a ‘mini-marketplace’ featuring stands by organisations offering business support, including Ceteris/Business Gateway, Clackmannanshire Works, Digital Tourism Scotland, LEADER, VisitScotland and others.

The event is free to attend for local businesses, who should register as soon as possible at