MEET Haze – the kangaroo pup responsible for the hilarious online video that swept across the country last week.

The roguish two-year-old caused a stir on social media when a short clip of her bouncing up from behind a wall went viral.

Some likened her backyard antics to that of Buster, the boxer dog featured bouncing on a trampoline in the John Lewis Christmas advert.

However, following a brief investigation, the Advertiser found the lively Haze had acted alone – without a springboard accomplice.

But despite a lack of assistance, the "nosy" jet-pawed canine is more than capable of jumping 5ft in the air to keep an eye on passers-by.

Owners Tina and David Coupe, who live just of West End Park in Alloa, were unaware of the video's popularity, which has been viewed more than 21,000 times since it was posted last week.

The couple only found out when approached by Advertiser this week, but said they weren't at all surprised when considering the dog's playful nature.

Tina, who owns the salon based on Claremont, said: "Whenever anyone is at the back of the house, in the park, she's right up there.

"People talk to her and we can hear them giggling. Kids like to see her when she's jumping around.

"She's so springy – she's been like that since we got her.

"Our next door neighbours have a St Bernard and the two of them bounce at the wall at each other. It's like a game for them."

And with the lurcher coming dangerously close to leaping over the wall completely, David admits he might have to dig out some of the ground in the garden to keep her in.

He added: "If anyone passes by, and she hears them, then she's up there at the wall to see who it is. She's just nosy."

Haze found fame after dogwalker Lorraine Gilchrist spotted the airborne pup, going through her routine, while heading through West End Park.

The clip was then posted by Safe Paws Dog Day Care Training Centre in Stirling, before the national media got wind of the 'tail'.

Tina added: "She's a lovely soul, though. She was a 30th birthday present from my mum.

"Barks when people come to the door, but she's totally harmless. We've got three kids and she's great with them – never any bother."