PLENTY of generosity was shown during a collection held at Parklands Care Home in Alloa.

Residents, families, staff and neighbours rallied to help those in need within the Wee County.

They gathered items – and donated money to purchase pieces – for Hawkhill Community Centre's foodbank.

Activity co-ordinator Gillian Buckley kick-started the drive after her colleague, senior carer Clare Brisbane, mentioned a post she spotted on the Advertiser's Facebook page about the service being temporarily withdrawn due to shortages.

She got in touch with families of those in the care home and Alloa Park Residents' Association and was pleased with the positive response.

The successful collection allowed them to gather non-perishable items and drop them off at Sauchie Active 8, which puts together packages for Hawkhill.

Residents were also able to get involved with taking in and preparing the donations.

Gillian said: “They really enjoyed helping pack the stuff up and giving back to the community.

“They were really quite enthusiastic about helping people who need it which was good.”

Along with aiding a nearby local group, the project also helped to form links between the care home and the county.

It also prompted discussions between residents, many who are from Alloa themselves, about the collection and need for such things.

Gillian said: “[They said] it was a good idea and it's a shame that we need to use foodbanks.

“They were quite saddened by the fact that people are in such dire straits.”

Gillian gave thanks to those who were involved in the collection and Clare for giving her the initial idea.

The non-referral Hawkhill foodbank now runs on Fridays from 9am; the Sauchie foodbank runs from 11.30am on the same day, alongside a soup kitchen.

Non-perishable items for both can be handed into Sauchie Hall any day between 9am and 10pm.