THE SNP have won the most seats in the Clackmannanshire Local Government Election, while the Conservatives record their most successful return to date.

In a fairly unexpected result, the Tory party have seen a candidate elected in all five wards they stood in.

Labour lost three councillors in all, including Bobby McGill and Graham Watt who both served as council leader during the party's tempestuous tenure as adminstration.

The SNP, meanwhile, lost one of their seats, with Walter McAdam being replaced by the Conservatives' Martha Benny.

The Greens failed to win their first ever Clacks councillor, with Bryan Quinn falling just short in Clackmannanshire South.

Following the final declaration, the following candidates were elected to Clackmannanshire Council:

Clackmannanshire West - Darren Lee (Con), George Matchett (Lab), Tina Murphy (SNP), Les Sharp (SNP)

Clackmannanshire North - Donald Balsillie (SNP), Dave Clark (Lab), Martha Benny (Con), Archie Drummond (SNP)

Clackmannanshire Central - Derek Stewart (Lab), Phil Fairlie (SNP), Mike Watson (Con)

Clackmannanshire South - Chris Dixon (Con), Kenny Earle (Lab), Ellen Forson (SNP), Craig Holden (SNP)

Clackmannanshire East - Bill Mason (Con), Graham Lindsay (SNP), Kathleen Martin (Lab)

Clackmannanshire Council 2017 - Party break-down:

SNP: 8 councillors

Labour: 5 councillors

Conservatives: 5 councillors

Greens: 0 councillors

Lib Dems: 0 councillors