By Joanne Ross
Labour candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire

Ochil and South Perthshire needs an accessible representative, who understands the needs of our area.

Someone who is a passionate campaigner for issues that directly impact on our daily lives, and someone who won't shy away from fighting for what they believe in.

I am honoured and delighted to stand as the Labour party representative for my constituency.

With 20 years' experience in local government, a former Clackmannanshire Councillor and a local woman, I am proud to take on the SNP in the battle to win this Westminster constituency on June 8.

I came forward as the Labour candidate at the forthcoming election because I have had enough.

I've had enough of working people who pay their taxes having to struggle to pay their bills when the tax avoiding multi-national companies pay nothing and pocket the profits.

I've had enough of cuts to council services, poor bus links, food banks, unfair sanctions, long hours, low pay and children living in poverty while the rich get richer.

That's why I am completely behind our policy to end zero hour contracts and the introduction of a £10 an hour living wage. That is why I also support no tax increases for 95 per cent of our country. I am proud to take forward our manifesto.

Our manifesto includes policies which will transform our economy and our country. I support the re-nationalisation of railways, investment which could mean developing our local railway line to Culross, Dunfermline and Edinburgh.

I believe in nationalising the energy industry so that we can have a more affordable gas and electricity and ultimately more efficient utilities. I also am pleased to stand on a manifesto which secures the triple lock for pensions.

I'll stand up for my constituency. I was born in this constituency, I live in the constituency, and I love this constituency. I have witnessed the pain that continues to be felt in this constituency after our once-thriving industrial centres closed down. Some have never recovered from losing their livelihoods, and others have had to find low paid work to make ends meet.

I've had enough of Tory Austerity and SNP's broken promises. Like many, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the referendum, but voting Tory doesn't send Nicola Sturgeon a message in this election, it sends Theresa May straight back 10 Downing Street.

There is no need for a continued policy of austerity or a hard Brexit which will be bad for business and our economy. Only by voting Labour can we make a real difference.

With only 22 days left to get our message across – it's urgent. We have a real opportunity to transform our communities, changing our priorities to making sure that everyone is given equal opportunity to prosper. A vote for me will help bring about the change that only a Labour government can.

I'll stand up for better jobs. I'll stand up for better pay. I'll stand up for affordable childcare. I'll stand up for my constituency. Vote Joanne Ross, vote for change.