By Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
SNP candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire

On June 8, voters in Clackmannanshire get to choose their MP. The choice is clear: who do you think would stand up most effectively for the interests of you and your family against Theresa May’s right-wing government?

Tory governments at Westminster have already caused so much harm to our families and our communities. Imagine the damage that would be done without an effective opposition in parliament?

Theresa May called this election to strengthen her hand, allowing her to move further to the right, and to let her to impose a damaging hard-right Brexit deal.

If I’m re-elected, everyone here knows that I’ll be an effective local MP with the national voice required to stand up to Theresa May both here and in the House of Commons.

This election is a choice between:

An MP who’ll continue to fight the Rape Clause and family cap, oppose social security cuts for disabled families and stand up for PIP claimants who’ve been treated unfairly, or a Tory MP who would actively support them .

An MP who’ll fight for a fair Brexit deal which will protect local jobs, or a Tory MP who would go along with the dangerous right-wing agenda of the Brexiteers no matter the local consequences for jobs.

An MP who’ll campaign for a fair deal for WASPI women and to protect the triple lock on pensions, or a Tory MP who will answer “how high” when Theresa May says “jump”.

Representing the people of Clackmannanshire in parliament has been the greatest privilege of my life so far. I’ve kept my promise to be a hardworking local MP with a strong national voice. In the last two years, I’ve:

Spoken in 211 parliamentary debates, twice as many than my predecessor did in five years.

Proposed new legislation to help people who have been forced to use foodbanks.

Assisted and community organisations in Clackmannanshire to secure funding for their vital work.

Personally helped hundreds of constituents with a range of challenging issues, and met with local groups and campaigners.

I’m also proud of my record in leading positive local campaigns. I’ve worked with others to help create and protect local jobs by supporting a City Deal for Clackmannanshire and campaigning for better broadband for our rural areas.

I’ve fought to protect local working families when their tax credit payments were stopped without warning following the Concentrix crisis, getting their money repaid and changing government policy in the process.

I’ve stood up for older people, demanding a fair deal for WASPI women who’ve been so unfairly treated, and I’ve backed the triple lock that keeps pensions in line with inflation.

People in Clackmannanshire deserve someone who will fight every day for their best interests, not someone who will put Theresa May’s wishes first.

A vote for me would be a vote for a strong voice for Clackmannanshire at Westminster, and an MP who will continue working hard for you.