A HANDFUL of hardy volunteers braved the shave earlier this month in a fundraisers effort for Strathcarron Hospice.

The Inn, Tullibody, provided the venue for the mass shearing, with six victims going head to head with the barber's trimmer.

And despite a conservative £300-500 target being set, the officially tally has since exceeded £1600.

The event was organised by Ricky McLuckie and Vicky Brown in memory of regular Jock Frame who passed away after spending time with the hospice.

Ricky was one of those to take the plunge, followed by Tam Rushforth, Brian Craig, Ian Bannerman, Graeme Ballantye and Jimmy Gibson.

In addition to the trimming, the pub also hosted a bit of a games day, with a raffle in an effort to boost the total sum.

However, co-organiser Vicky said the day would not have been a success without the backing of so many from around the county.

She said: "Indeed all of the fundraising team are incredibly overwhelmed by the support we have had. Really, without the community coming together as one we wouldn't have raised such an incredible amount of funds.

"The day itself was fantastic the event was extremely busy, filled with all of the locals who support Strathcarron.

"Also people came from outwith Clackmannanshire to show their support, after hearing about the event from online advertising, our ad with the Advertiser and through word of mouth.

"So that itself was truly humbling to know people really believed what we were doing was going to be a great success."

The catalyst for last Sunday's event was a chance conversation between Vicky and Ricky, during which he joked about being in need of a haircut.

She argued that he may as well do it for charity and Ricky immediately thought of Strathcarron Hospice after seeing the care they gave to his friend Jock.

The regular at The Inn left a lasting legacy among those in the pub, with Vicky saying: "Jock...Well, he was one of a kind; a real character.

"Even through his hardest times battling such an illness he still made us smile and laugh by telling stories from back in "his day".

"He would often say to me: 'Young Yin, come here to a tell you a story'. Sometimes I would question whether it was the whole truth, nevertheless it certainly did make me smile.

"I genuinely don't think he knew how much his outgoing personality had an effect on such a small community."

She added: "I would like to thank everyone who made donations including prizes, buying raffle tickets, and entering into our event.

"I would like to thank The Inn, Tullibody, for allowing us to host our event on the premises, our incredible volunteers who braved the shave, and Alan Erskine Barbers."