A WOMAN threatened to kill someone in a taxi depot whilst hiding a knife in her underwear.

On Thursday, Kay Falconer admitted shouting, swearing, uttering threats of violence and acting in an aggressive manner at Brams-premier Executive Cars in Alloa's King Street on October 12 last year.

The 56-year-old also pleaded guilty to having a knife in her possession without a reasonable excuse while causing a scene at Brams and later on at Falkirk Police Station.

Fiscal depute Susannah Hutchison told Alloa Sheriff Court that the accused had been taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital earlier that day due to mental health concerns.

After being assessed and released, she later turned up at Brams and demanded to see a woman who worked there.

Falconer threatened: "I'm gonna kill her" and "I've got a knife in my bag".

The police arrived and found the accused shouting, swearing and in a highly agitated state in the corridor leading to the main office.

Her handbag was searched, but no blade was discovered at that point.

Falconer was placed into a suicide prevention suit when taken to the police station. Whilst in a cell, she was spotted removing a knife from her underwear.

The accused admitted threatening the Brams worker.

Falconer said: "She has frightened me to death for the last couple of weeks. I wanted to see her face as frightened as she made me feel."

Defending, Kelly Howe claimed that her client had no issue admitting she had a blade – but it was in her underwear and never in her bag as narrated by the Crown.

Whilst in the police cell, the accused attempted to self-harm with the knife.

Ms Howe explained that Falconer suffered from long-standing mental health issues, but had a very supportive family.

Sheriff James Macdonald noted that planning went into the accused's crime to take and conceal a knife.

Sheriff Macdonald sentenced Falconer, of Moir Street in Alloa, to a Community Payback Order with 18 months supervision and a conduct requirement to engage with mental health services as instructed as a direct alternative to custody.