A VILE yob who threatened to stab the next person he saw whilst standing outside a Wee County primary school has been jailed for 10 months.

As reported in the Advertiser previously, Alloa Sheriff Court was told that ambulance control called the police at around 6.07am on July 24 last year to report an abusive male on the phone who was threatening to kill himself.

The accused, Andrew Sprengel, stated that he had taken an overdose.
After making threats to knife the next person he saw outside Banchory Primary, officers rushed to the Tullibody school to find him standing out on the street with his privates exposed.

The 30-year-old hid one hand behind his back and used the other to wave his genitals about.
Sprengel refused to show his hands, instead threatening: “I’ll f**king stab all of yous.”

No blade was found when the accused was finally subdued.
During his arrest, he menaced: “Get the f**k off me, I’ll f**king kill yous”, “your families are getting stabbed and set on fire”, and “Raoul Moat is a legend”.

Sprengel, of Whins Road in Alloa, was transported to Forth Valley Royal Hospital to be checked over, given his overdose claim.

Due to his behaviour he was not taken out of the police van. While sat outside A&E, the accused began to sing sectarian songs.

He shouted: “Fenian blood, fenian f**kers.”

Passing members of the public were subjected to a racist tirade that included: “I’d rather be a Paki than a Tim” and “I hate smelly Pakis”.
He then shouted at an elderly male: “Hey, old yin, I hope you die of f**king cancer.”

Sprengel refused to desist and instead threatened the police once more: “I’ll f**king kill yous when I see you out of uniform, you piggy pr**ks.”
Defending, Ms Lochran explained that her client was vulnerable at the time of the incident as he’d just been released from hospital after taking an overdose.

She claimed that Sprengel struggled to recall the events, but realised that he “behaved in a manner that was highly unacceptable”.

Miss Lochran highlighted that the initial offence took place early on a Sunday morning, so the chances of children being around Banchory Primary were slim. However, Sprengel recognised his outburst at Forth Valley Royal Hospital would have been alarming to members of the public.

Miss Lochran described the accused as a “man with a number of needs”. She stated that he had numerous disorders and suffered from psychotic episodes, but was currently getting help on another Community Payback Order.

She asked Sheriff David Mackie to give Sprengel more time to prove himself before passing sentence.

Sheriff Mackie noted that the accused was “not doing quite well” on the CPO, but accepted that the offences he had in front of him were committed before he was given any support from the order.

Returning to the dock for deferred sentence on Thursday, Sprengel admitted a number of new charges that took place on May 6 this year.

The accused pleaded guilty to kicking a vehicle in Tullibody’s Main Street and throwing a bottle at another motor in the town’s Alloa Road.

He also accepted that he shouted, swore, acted in an aggressive manner, and repeatedly uttered offensive remarks of a sectarian nature at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Sheriff James Macdonald jailed Sprengel for four months for his latest antics.

For causing the scene outside Banchory Primary and FVRH last year, he was jailed for a total of six months to run consecutively with the other sentence.