A VETERAN runner from Alloa who completed the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run has urged other parents to take up the sport in a bid to keep up the pace with their busy lifestyles. 

Brian Morton has completed a staggering 75 half marathons and 21 marathons throughout his lifetime, but admits that running has taking a backseat after having his daughters Niamh, 14, and Mairead, 12. 

The 53-year-old was the Fife representative for the race in Glasgow, which saw the Bank of Scotland team up with 32 local authorities in Scotland for the Community Challenge in a bid to get Scotland active. 

He has even ran every single Alloa half-marathon since they began in 1983.

And Morton, who crossed the line in 55 minutes, believes the initiative will be the perfect springboard to find his stride again. 

“I was pleased with my time, considering I had been struggling with an injury,” he said.

“The 10k gave me the kick start I needed to get back into my running, which I just love doing. I’m more than happy with the fact that I’m 53 now and I can still do these runs.

“I’m hoping to do the Alloa marathon next year, but it all depends how it falls with when I can get time off work.”

And Morton, who works for glass container manufacturer O-I, has encouraged other parents who might be struggling with the demands of a busy home life to lace up their running shoes and get out on the road. 

“Getting on a running programme really helps. All you need is an hour. You can train anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes,” he said. 

“If you can squeeze an hour out of the day somewhere, it doesn’t matter where, then there’s no reason that people can’t do it. 

“Running is great for your health and most importantly, it’s for you.” 

As part of his package, Morton received complimentary entry for the race, a personalised training programme by a Great Run expert coach and VIP hospitality at the finish area.

Morton said he was driven to participate in the race as it would motivate him to rediscover his passion and commitment for the activity he so loves, but also to set an example for his kids. 

“We are always preaching to the kids to keep fit and eat healthy,” said the 53-year-old.

“Luckily, my wife and the two kids are vegetarian so I stick to that diet as well.”

Bank of Scotland supported runners from communities across Scotland on a 10 weeks to 10k challenge for the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run Community Challenge.

For more information, visit greatscottishrun.com/community-challenge