A CLACKMANNAN girl eager to help others has decided to raise funds for Strathcarron Hospice by organising a car boot sale.

Sophie Johnson, 11, will be running two stalls at the Falkirk Stadium on November 19, one with home baking and another with various raffle prizes.

The youngster told the Advertiser: “My mum’s friends died of cancer in Strathcarron and we were watching a programme on TV about it, and I was thinking if I can raise money, then that’s helping someone’s life. We were thinking of doing a town hall but we thought if we had a stall, we wouldn’t need a big hall.”

The raffle stall will have a number of fun games, such as guessing the birthday of a teddy bear and a doll, and there will also be a jar of sweeties, where passers-by can guess the number inside.

Sophie promised she will be putting the hard work into the delicious homemade treats for the baking stall herself, when she said: “I like to bake, me and my mum usually bake.” When asked if she was a good baker, she joked: “I hope so.”

Sophie revealed she first noticed she liked to help those less fortunate when she received updates from the Dogs Trust, letting her know how her contribution was helping the canines.

And the Clackmannan Primary School pupil’s mum, Debbie Hammell, revealed the fundraising drive has been on Sophie’s mind for a while.

She said: “She’s been wanting to do it for months but we couldn’t think of what to do. She likes the thought of helping somebody. She’s very helpful, if anyone needs help she’s the first one in there.”

Donations for the car boot sale can be handed into 3 Manse Terrace, Clackmannan, or Laura’s Hair and Beauty.