CLACKMANNAN residents have been left furious by the erection of a bus stop on the town’s Main Street.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was left seething after a bus stop was built on the one-way road with the pavement at the stop being enlarged so the bus doesn’t have to pull in for passengers getting on or off the bus.

This, in turn, has meant that any cars behind the bus have to stop and wait for the passenger vehicle to leave before they can pass.

The woman also claimed that the bus stops on the road are preventing people from parking outside their homes on the street.

She said: “I am a carer and need to have instant access to my car but I am having to park down the road because of the buses. It is shocking.”

Another resident, Sandy Madden, also complained about that issue, stating that it was a danger for the elderly and infirm because there is a dip in the road where the buses stop, making it tougher for people to step up on to the bus.

He also said that bus stops on Main Street were far too small and with only the back and above covered, they were doing nothing to shelter people from the harsh winter conditions.

Sandy, who previously claimed that people would catch hypothermia from these bus stops, wrote to the council who replied saying that new shelters would be in place in six to eight weeks of his letter on October 20.

He said: “People are being soaked waiting at the bus shelter. They get the full force of the wind and rain blowing down the street.

“The bus shelter outside the health centre (Main Street) is considered to be a joke and is a total waste of money.”

A spokeswoman for Clackmannanshire Council said: “This is standard practice with the street deigned to give priority to pedestrians and public transport.

“The new layout at the west end of the street may cause very slight delays to cars but ensures that the bus can fully access the bus stop and can use lowered entry facilities for the elderly and disabled.

“In the past, because of poor parking practice the bus was forced to stop in the road, away from the kerb and mobility impaired users would struggle to access the bus.

“The layout at the east end of the street has not changed. The layout of both bus stop areas also helps to promote lower speeds on the street and maximises parking.”

She continued: “The bus stop at the west end of the street is smaller than the old one. This was required to fit with the design which was brought forward by the community as part of the design inspired by their Community Action Plan.

“However, we are aware that the bus stop does feel more open than the previous shelter and are arranging to have additional panels installed to give more protection from the weather.

“The bus stop at the east end of Main Street has not had a bus shelter until now so the new provision can only be of benefit to users.