THE parent council at St Mungo’s Primary have hit out after mindless vandals damaged some of the school’s property.

Thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused by the louts recently and the parent council have decided enough is enough after the recent bout of savagery.

Recently, a fence has been targeted and almost destroyed after being pelted with bricks, slates from a roof have been taken off and thrown, causing damage to the gym hall floor.

A spokeswoman for the parent council said: “The roof of the school was vandalised on Monday after Oct break. The costs for that were a couple of thousand pounds.

“The vandals used the slates of the roof to make a hole and then threw slates through the hole damaging the floor of the gym hall.”

She continued: “The bench and fence at the front of the school was damaged at the beginning of this week.

“This was reported around 3.30pm and the police phoned back at 6.30pm to say they were too busy and couldn’t come along.”

The problem has been going on a lot longer than the past two weeks, however. For months now youths have gathered close to the school and caused damage and general disorder, even making teachers feel threatened while they are working.

“Broken bottles and cigarettes at the back of school are found frequently since after the summer holidays,” she said.

“The costs for this would be a few hundred for repairs by time you factor in council costs, paint etc., all of which have already been repaired after being damaged last time.

“Since the Council got rid of community officers we’ve had more and more groups of young people hanging round school causing damage.

There are stones thrown at windows when teachers are still there after school about 3.30/4 o’clock.”

The parent council are becoming increasingly irate at the lack of action taken by police, who they have called several times, including when there was an attempted arson.

“Another parent reported to the police earlier in the week that some children were trying to set fire to our trim trail,” added the spokeswoman.

“I live near the school and there have been large groups of children hanging round the school until at least 11pm. I have phoned the police but they don’t have the man power to deal with this.

“It is such a shame. We have murals the prisoners at Glenochil designed for us to go up on the outside of the school and a beautiful mosiac to make it more appealing but until we have CCTV installed I don’t think we will be able to put them up.

“I don’t think the council can afford to pay for CCTV.”

The council confirmed they are looking at deterrents.

A statement read: “Unfortunately there have been a number of recent very disappointing incidents of vandalism at St Mungo’s RC Primary School, including some recent damage to the roof which has been reported to the Police. The Council is looking at measures which can be taken to deter future incidents.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "Police in Forth Valley are investigating after a number of youths were seen throwing bricks at a school in Alloa at around 4.30 p.m. on Thursday 30th November.

"Inquiries to trace those responsible are ongoing."