A CHRISTMAS toy shop, where Wee County families in need can pick goods up for presents in exchange for a donation, opened for business this week.

Located at The Hub on Whins Road, home to ACE and Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI), Super Sandy's Christmas Toy Hub will be operational until Tuesday, December 19.

The charity venture, which in the previous three years was hosted in Alloa by volunteers in order to bring joy to those most in need at what can be a difficult time of year, is again run by people giving up their time for free with support from CTSI.

Anyone is welcome to head along between 9am and 7pm on a Monday, 9am and 5pm Tuesdays to Fridays or 10am to 2pm on a Saturday to pick a toy up for a donation of any size – whether that be a few pennies or a few pounds.

There are board games, toys for infants, figurines and much more as donations of underused goods have been flowing in since the end of last month.

CTSI's Danielle Hill told the Advertiser: “We are very grateful for all the donations that we have received.

“It's been very overwhelming, I didn't think we would get this much, but it's great to see that the community is coming together, donating any pre-loved toys that they had.

“It's a great time of year and for people who maybe can't afford Christmas toys – it's a great shop for them to come along, make a donation and pick up toys for their kids, grandkids, family members.”

While the shop is already up and running, more donations are still being accepted and are more than welcome.

People can head down with any suitable items they are happy to give away until Friday, December 15 during normal opening hours.

Danielle added: “We are hoping all the toys will find a new home and the kids can wake up on Christmas morning with something to open.”

Proceeds from the donations will be going into the CTSI Local Community Fund and right back to voluntary groups and good causes in the Wee County.

Organisations can apply for small grants, call 01259 213 840 or visit ctsi.org.uk

Danielle wanted to say thanks to everyone who donated so far, in particular youngsters from the Wasps and Alloa Saints football clubs who went through cupboards, lofts and organised collections.