ZERO TOLERANCE is waiting for drink drivers in the Wee County this festive season.

Motorists around Clackmannanshire and beyond are being reminded that there are no grey areas when it comes to going over the 22micrograms per 100ml of breath limit with Christmas just around the corner.

The Scottish Government, Road Safety Scotland and Police Scotland are teaming up to highlight how drink drivers are not only risking losing their license, a criminal record and a hefty fine, they are also risking their own wellbeing as well as the lives of others.

In the Wee County, officers are planning their annual activity to keep people as safe as possible.

Chief Inspector Drew Sinclair, area commander for Clackmannanshire, told the Advertiser: “Festive parties and events can lead to increased alcohol consumption and some very bad decisions.

“We will have activity at peak times in specific locations around the county and this includes morning after drivers.
“The risks are clear, the costs high and the impact can be devastating.

“I would urge people to check the advice on our social media sites and organise transport prior to going out.

“In Clackmannanshire, I can guarantee the zero tolerance approach will be strictly enforced by our officers."

The police's month long enforcement and awareness campaign was officially launched in Edinburgh by senior officers and justice secretary Michael Matheson.

The politician said: “Unfortunately there is a persistent minority of drivers who continue to ignore the law.

“These people are not only risking their own lives and licences, but are risking the safety of other road users and pedestrians by drinking and driving.

“This campaign reinforces that drink driving is unacceptable and, if you get caught, you will get a minimum 12 month driving ban, a criminal record for a lengthy period and a substantial fine.

“Furthermore, a drink driving conviction can have significant social and employment consequences. I welcome the action being taken by Road Safety Scotland and Police Scotland to tackle those who think it is okay to have just one drink and drive their car, as well as reckless road users, both of whom are breaking the law.”