THE Clackmannanshire Library Service was given a 3D printer in the summer of 2016 – but there is nobody who knows how to work it.

A Freedom of Information request (FOI) was submitted to Clackmannanshire Council to ascertain details about any 3D printers in the Wee County.

It was then revealed in a response that the library service does have one, given to them through a Scottish Library Information Council (SLIC) initiative, which aimed to bring 3D printers to all Scottish public libraries.

However, the FOI also found out that there is nobody qualified or trained left to actually work it, following "budget savings".

As a result, the machine has been sitting gathering dust.

The model of the printer – a CEL Robox – would cost a cool £958 if bought new at this moment.

In response to the question: “How do the public access the 3D printer?” the council responded: “This service is not available to the public as the post of ICT tutor was put up for a budget saving in April 2017 (ICT tutor left post in July 2017) and there is now no provision to develop 3D training to other staff or indeed the public.”

However, there could be a change to that as the Advertiser was told that workshops may run in the new year to teach people how to use the printer.

Cllr Fairlie, spokesperson for partnership and third sector, said: "Clackmannanshire Library Service received a 3D printer thanks to a Scottish Library Information Council (SLIC) initiative to introduce 3D printing in all Scottish public libraries.

"The service is currently working in partnership with Forth Valley College to bring forward 3D printer workshops in the New Year. Please keep an eye on the council’s website for more information about these exciting new workshops."

The FOI also revealed that the printer has been of no expense to the council in 2016 and that only one roll of filament was used for tutorial purposes.