A YOUNG mother who launched a tirade of “disgraceful” racial abuse at another woman has been admonished by a sheriff, following a period of good behaviour.

Claire McIntosh, of Stoneyacre, Tillicoultry, pleaded guilty to an amended charge at Alloa Sheriff Court last Thursday.
An argument broke out between the accused and the complainer near her home address on April 2 last year.

The depute fiscal told the court: “She [McIntosh] became aggressive and verbally abusive. She began shouting: ‘Black b*****d, black b***h and black c**t’.

“She then shouted: ‘She is a f*****g s****bag I’m coming for you. I am going to f*****g kill her’.”

The court heard McIntosh had directed the threats at an associate of her ex-partner.
Another male then got involved in the altercation and tried to calm the situation down.

However, McIntosh seized him by the throat and pushed him against the bonnet of a car, causing him to fall.

The prosecutor added that the accused was “hysterically laughing” and that they should “wait until my boyfriend gets here”.

McIntosh had a further three charges against her dropped. One claimed that she assaulted her former partner by repeatedly pushing him, seizing him by the neck and arms and tearing his top before repeatedly punching him on the head to his injury.

A second dropped charge said that she lunged at another male, seizing his neck and scratching his neck to his injury.

A final dropped charge states that McIntosh damaged a car by kicking and striking it.

Her lawyer, Stephen McGuire, told the court that the 21-year-old “accepted her behaviour was out of order.”

He added: “The language she used is disgraceful.”

McIntosh’s sentence had previously been deferred for good behaviour.

On Thursday, the court heard the accused had been in no further trouble and was then admonished by the sheriff.