A MAN who threatened to rape a police officer's children has narrowly avoided jail after being sentenced for his crimes last week.

Graham Moore pleaded guilty to a number of charges including assaulting a pub manager and police officers before uttering the horrid remarks at Falkirk police station.

On December 26, at Drysdale and Sons in Alloa, the accused became involved in a heated argument with another customer.

The manager then stepped in and asked Moore to leave, at which point the accused punched the manager on the head.

Moore was then restrained and the police called.

Last Thursday, Alloa Sheriff Court hear how the accused struggled violently with officers by "swinging punches" as they took him to Falkirk.

The depute fiscal said: "He struck one which caused a burst lip and kicked the other officers.

"He started saying [to the officers]: 'You pervert b*****d, I will kill you, it is my mission to kill you. I am going to kill your family, ya p***k'."

The threats then became more serious as he was said: "You are a gay boy, you take it up the a***. I will rape you and your kids."

Moore's charges also state that while at the police station, he repeatedly attempted to punch an officer on the head, kick him on the body, lunge towards him and attempt to bite him.

Two charges were also dropped by the crown. The first was a charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and uttering threats of violence in the journey to the police station.

The other charge dropped states that while at the station, Moore, of Candleriggs Court, Alloa, maliciously defecated and urinated in his cell and smeared blood over the walls and door of his cell.

Moore's solicitor told the court that the 47-year-old has no recollection of the incident and is therefore "in no position to dispute it."

She continued to say that her client has since abstained from alcohol because it does not react well with the anti-depressants he takes.

In sentencing Moore, the sheriff told him that his crimes were not acceptable.

He said: "The things you said are particularly offensive and you have had similar trouble with police in England."

Moore was ordered to carry out 240 hours of community service and be under supervision for a period of one year.