LIVELIHOODS are under threat at a Clackmannan pub, which could close within a few weeks after flooding disrupted business.

The knock-on effect of water pouring through the doors of The County Bar in town, as reported in the Advertiser this month, is so severe cash-strapped Main Street pub boss Craig Jackson reckons he has but two to three weeks before going out of business.

Flooding started following the £900,000 revamp of the area and according to Craig, affected business so badly bills are piling up and staff hours had to be cut.

It is understood the drainage now works well, following fixes, and even kept the premises dry when snow was melting from recent wintry weather.

Meanwhile debates over insurance and arguments around who should be forking compensation out have left the pub with little income and no savings to fall back on.

Craig told the Advertiser this week: “The pub’s really quiet just now.

“I’m having to cut the staff’s hours down to one shift a week because I’ve got outstanding bills that I’m trying to pay.

“We are four weeks on and it’s still dragging on.”

Craig, who has not been able to take a wage from the pub himself, added: “I had a safety net, but obviously with the pub shutting for four days I had to dip into that.

“And that’s what I really want to get back, that safety net, so that if any unexpected bills come in then I’m able to pay them.

“But at the moment I can’t and this is where the problem is.

“So, I’m just going to soldier on and soldier on.”

To save some cash, Craig is now planning to keep the doors shut during the day in the first few days of the week.

He said: “This is something I shouldn’t need to be doing.

“I got myself into this situation due to the fact that the pub had to shut for four days – I had a band organised as well for one of the nights.

“I had to cancel that, but still had to pay the guy £250 – that was another expense.”

Ultimately, Craig hopes those responsible will “stop dragging their heels” and compensate him for the business he lost so he can get his staff back in and open properly again.

The pub boss said: “At the moment they [staff shifts] are all cut back and I feel sorry for them, but obviously I can’t pay them if I’ve not got money lying around in the bank.”

Craig praised local ward’s councillor Kathleen Martin for her support in recent weeks.

The Cllr added: “I have been in continued contact with Mr Jackson as have council officers, and I understand that the matter is now with the insurer.

“I sincerely hope that Mr Jackson is able to move on as soon as possible from what has been an extremely stressful situation.”

A spokesperson for Clackmannanshire Council, which commissioned the revamp, said: “The council has helped the owner of The County Bar to contact the contractor’s insurer and understands the matter is being dealt with by them.”