AN ALLOA man who kicked a police car has been admonished after serving time on remand waiting for the case to call.

George Dillon pleaded guilty in January to a charge of shouting, swearing and causing alarm as well as kicking a marked police vehicle.

Susannah Hutchison, prosecuting, detailed the incident at Alloa Sheriff Court last Thursday.

She said that at 5.25pm, on January 26, officers on Shillinghill heard the accused shouting and swearing then saw him kicking the car which had no one in it at the time of the incident.

The 48-year-old’s defence lawyer, Kelly Howe, added that he was not shouting at anyone in particular and that given his lengthy and serious record, this offence was relatively minor.

Ms Howe continued: “From what he remembers, he was shouting at himself out of frustration after leaving the job centre.”

Sheriff Mackie admonished Dillon, of Greenfield Street, Alloa, as he had spent enough time on remand to reflect a punishment.