A TULLIBODY woman could be facing a law suit after being sentenced for writing off her former partner’s car.

Kelly Wilson slashed the tyres and smashed the windows of the vehicle, after her relationship with the complainer had soured.

The 32-year-old pleaded guilty to a charge of vandalism in January, along with a co-accused, after causing £3,000 worth of damage to the vehicle on Main Street, Cambus.

Fiscal depute, Susannah Hutchison, told the court last Thursday that Wilson and the complainer were in a relationship until it ended in less than amicable circumstances.

She continued: “At 6.30pm on January 9, the complainer’s car was parked. He then left the house and saw the accused and another individual near the car.

“He then noticed that the car had suffered extensive damage, such as severe scratch marks, the nearside windscreen was smashed and the tyres were slashed. The damage was around £3,000.

The court was also told that there was a post on the Facebook page of the accused which showed a picture of the car with the comment: “Nice car, it will look nicer when I get my hands on it.”

Wilson’s defence agent told the court that the relationship between the two came to a gradual end.

He continued: “[She] suffers from depression and anxiety and has also suffered from drug misuse in the past.”

Sheriff David Mackie told Wilson, of Westview Crescent, that he would not impose a compensation order as it could have a detrimental effect on her family life, but warned her that the complainer could now sue her for the money.

He added that the damage would most likely have written off the car as it was more than the car’s worth.

She was given supervision for six months.