CLACKMANNANSHIRE COUNCIL has defended its decision to wait until this morning (Wednesday, February 28) before shutting down schools in county.

Parents were left frustrated as they eagerly awaited news last night (Tuesday, February 27) and many criticised the council for only announcing the closures this morning, prompting a dash to secure childcare for the day.

Stirling, Falkirk and Fife were among those who took the decision on Tuesday night, while others such as Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire waited.

And while Clacks Council said they "clearly communicated" their plans, many were left unimpressed.

One took to social media to vent her frustration, saying: “Thanks Clacks Council for the advanced warning am sure you can be relied on in a real emergency, now to organise childcare before work.”

Another went: "Poor organisation and planning confirming Clacks schools are shut at 06:30 when surrounding councils made the decision last night. Parents need time to organise childcare!"

Elaine McPherson, council chief executive, said: “The position was reviewed on Tuesday afternoon and on the basis of the information which was available at that point, it was decided to wait until morning to make a final decision on whether or not the schools would open.

“This was our plan and was clearly communicated.

“We took the decision just after 6am to close schools and that was promptly communicated as we said we would do.

“The council is a provider of public services and aims to deliver those unless there are significant reasons not to.

“The safety situation on the ground on Wednesday morning was assessed and we acted in response to that.”

A decision on whether Clacks schools will reopen on Friday or Monday, will be taken tomorrow with an announcement expected around 12noon.