ENTHUSIASTIC youngsters at Deerpark Primary will be raking in cash for charity, simply by putting their cans in the right place.

Special collection boxes arrived at the Sauchie school last week when Malcolm McArdle of ACE Recycling visited to bring in the recently launched Cans for Carers initiative.

It is hoped the campaign in the Wee County will raise tonnes of much needed pounds for the Carers Trust whilst driving the recycling appetite up in the local area through a collection exercise.

Children and parents simply need to bring their used aluminium drinks cans in with every 100kgs generating a whopping £250 for the good cause.

The cash will be used to support young carers under 25 in the country with the initiative initially rolled out to businesses in the area.

At Deerpark, the scheme came to school because pupils wanted to hear more about recycling.

Kate Wyman, P1W teacher, told the Advertiser: “It was good fun; [Malcolm] set up a team-building challenge for them to build the bins to start with, which was a good way to get them moving, especially on a Friday afternoon.”

The class were learning about the environment recently and so the visit came at an ideal time for the youngsters.

Miss Wyman said: “They got really cross when they found out that paper came from trees and they were cross about trees being cut down to make their jotters so that's how we lead onto taking a recycling route [in their studies].”

Malcolm was happy to speak to the class about what materials can be put back to good use again and how the process works.

The pupils were promised a visit to ACE's recycling centre on Whins Road when they are older and the occasion was also a chance for Malcolm to expand the number of premises collecting cans as part of the campaign.

The children are now throwing their weight behind it, with Miss Wyman adding: “They are really enthusiastic about it, we are putting it out to all classes now and all parents, asking for cans to come in from home to be recycled as well, so hopefully we'll do well.”

Any school or business looking to join the campaign and collect Cans for Carers can contact ACE on 01259 215 090 to receive a green collection box.