A MENSTRIE woman who has played bridge in Clacks for more than 50 years has been recognised by the local group she is part of.

Alva Bridge Club has made Margaret McGhee an honorary member, observing how special she is and calling her “one of a kind”.

They also came together in celebration of another milestone, her 90th birthday.

Towards the end of last month, they surprised her with balloons and a cake during one of their sessions at the Cochrane Foundation.

Margaret said: “I just thought that’s very nice of them to do that.

“It’s all been very, very nice to be appreciated like that – thank you.”

Of playing for more than five decades, she quite simply says: “I just like playing cards and have enjoyed the company.”

Sandra Hopkins, secretary of the bridge club who made Margaret an honorary member, highlighted the kindness she shows to others.

Whether it be through dishing out sweets, or hand-writing Christmas cards to give to every member, she thinks of other people.

Sandra, whose husband Jim plays bridge with Margaret, said: “She is just such a lovely woman, she really is a lovely woman.

“She never has a bad word to say about anybody; she is one of the few people that will make an excuse for someone.

“She really thinks of other people; she is just a very kind woman – one of a kind.”

Bridge is a competitive card game and there are members of all levels and standards at the Alva club, which is quite relaxed and has a social side.

Sandra said: “It’s one of the best things that I have ever done is take up bridge.

“It keeps your mind alert – it’s one of the best games ever.”

New faces will always be made welcome, complete beginners to those more advanced, and it meets on Tuesday evenings.

Call Sandra on 01259 214963 for more details.