A PETITION to have a dog removed from its owners due to neglect gained almost 8,000 signatures in just three days.

A woman spotted the dog, ironically named Lucky, alone in a small makeshift kennel in the back garden of a property in Dollar on Wednesday of last week.

With the temperature reaching lows of -11, the woman immediately raised the alarm with the SSPCA, who told her that they were unable to come out at that point even though the owners were in Glasgow.

The woman then decided to take matters into her own hands by taking Lucky home with her.

She said: "My friend called the owner and said we were horrified by the shelter he had and the fact he was obviously frozen and hungry.

"Any water they may have left would be solid as well so he basically had inadequate shelter or provisions.

"For his welfare we removed him from the garden and took him indoors with another friend as l couldn't take him with my dogs.

"I called the SSPCA three times and left messages, but heard nothing. I spoke with the husband who said l could not take him back in this weather before calling SSPCA nor would l tell him where it was. He said his dog had a perfect shelter for the weather and was fine.

"He was angry of course and called the police who called me and said I must take the dog back. They were not interested in its welfare. They gave me one hour to arrange to take him back with the owner.

"Meanwhile, I also spoke with the SSPCA Inspector Louise who said that he had to be returned to the owner as she could not discuss his position until he had been returned."

The woman eventually returned Lucky as she was promised that SSPCA would be out within an hour to investigate, but to her dismay nobody ever turned up to look into it.

In response to the lack of action from the SSPCA, a petition - which now has almost 20,000 signatures - which now has was launched which called for the dog to be removed from the care of the owners and a formal investigation to be conducted, with others calling for the owners to be prosecuted for harming and neglecting the dog.

SSPCA Inspector Louise Seddon said: "We are aware of the situation and are currently investigating. The severe weather conditions did impact our operations, but our inspectors are now out on the road where safe to do so.

"We understand that Police Scotland are also involved regarding a separate issue; however, our inspectors are liaising with them."

A spokesman for Police Scotland added: "Police in Forth Valley received a report of a stolen dog from an address in The Ness on Wednesday, February 28.

"It was established a neighbour was in possession of the animal having found it outside during the adverse weather.

"This individual has been instructed to return the dog and has agreed to do so."

To sign the petition, visit change.org/p/scottish-goverment-demand-the-sspca-take-action-to-save-lucky