A CONCERT held to mark a year since the passing of Conor Brown has been hailed as an amazing evening by his brother.

Declan Brown organised the night for his twin who tragically passed away a year ago on March 7, much to the devastation of the Wee County.

His twin brother told the Advertiser recently that the past year has been a blur and that he and his family talk about Conor every single day.

He commented that every first anniversary is still tough and to mark the first year of his passing, the family decided to throw a concert night at the town hall so that all his friends and family could attend and remember their much-loved relative and pal.

Declan said: “It was an amazing night. It was a great turn out with a few hundred people turning up and everyone made it a really good night. There was a great atmosphere with no trouble or hassle.

“We didn’t sell out, but there wasn’t many tickets left.”

On the bill for the evening were the Complete Stone Roses; Kazabian – the UK's only Kasabian tribute band; a SIA tribute artist Vicky Louise, with Keiran as Ed Sheeran, and Sergeant front man Nick Mercer Jr., among others.

Declan said the family plan to pay tribute to Conor every year in some form, although there are no plans in place for next year at the moment.

His sister and cousin, however, have already immortalised Conor with a tattoo of his face on their forearm, a constant reminder of the smile they adored so much.

Declan has no plans to get that, but did get a poem tattooed on his ribs as a tribute.

He said: “My sister got both our faces tattooed on her arms; I told her not to get mine but she did it anyway. A lot of his friends have got tattoos since it. I wouldn’t recommend getting it on the ribs like I did, though.”

Declan wanted to send a massive thank you to everyone who came including Laura who provided the catering and Craig for the bar.

“Just a big thanks to everyone who came and made it a good night,” he added.