AN ALLOA woman has been sentenced to supervision after assaulting a police officer and branding them terrorists.

Cara Kane was arrested on November 10, 2017 on Mill Street, Alloa, after police were called at around 11.45pm.

She appeared previously at Alloa Sheriff Court and was brought back for sentencing last Thursday.

The depute fiscal described the incident, saying: “The accused was shouting: ‘You f*****g terrorists. You’re a s**t c**k’.

“She was then arrested. However, as she was being arrested she grabbed the officer by the throat and would not let go.”

The prosecutor went on to say that other officers had to intervene in order for Kane, who has a military background, to let go of the female officer.

Kane also shouted that the police should “go and get the f*****g terrorists” as well as saying to one officer: “I bet you were bullied at school”.

She proceeded to say that she was “going to go f*****g mental,” during one of her tirades at officers.

When speaking to police she apologised for charge one, which was behaving in a threatening manner which would cause fear or alarm.

With regards to her second charge which was the assault on the officer, her defence solicitor, Kelly Howe, told the court that her client would like to counter charge because of the way she was put into the police van.

Ms Howe went on to say that there is a “background of difficulties” which caused Kane to drink heavily.

The 32-year-old previously lived in Wales with her partner and kids, but moved to Alloa because of her partner’s alleged infidelity.

The father of her children was allowed to see them and took them for overnight stays in Glasgow and Wales without incident.

However, on one occasion he took their children to Wales and did not send them back and now has custody.

Ms Howe added that Kane, who is on Universal Credit, rarely sees her children now and this has caused a great deal of stress in her life.

Sheriff David Mackie told Kane, of Arran Court, Alloa, that although custody is not in his thinking for these offences, the words she used were “wholly unacceptable”.

He then handed her a community payback order with a requirement for 12 months of supervision.