YOUNGSTERS at a Tullibody school were delighted to learn they had received responses to letters penned to the Queen, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and JK Rowling.

Children in P3/2 at St Serf’s Primary became authors, illustrators and publishers for a class project as part of their World of Word schedule.

They wrote their own books around the theme of toy boxes and even organised a launch event in support of it.

As part of this, the pupils worked collaboratively to create a guest list and selected people they thought were inspiring and influential.

This included families, sporting heroes, TV stars and members of the community.

They also wrote invites to Her Majesty, JK Rowling and the First Minister and were blown away when they got replies.

Teacher Christine Cassidy said: “The class were clearly awestruck and impressed that these people had received their letters.

“The children are very proud to have received personal letters and understand the significance of these individuals knowing all about their learning and hearing about our school.

“After reading the letters and discussing them, it is very inspiring to hear them talk and realise the potential they have to make their voices heard and potentially make a difference.”

The project has allowed the pupils to develop essential skills and it has given them pride and ownership of their learning.

Christine said it had also increased their aspiration for learning and life.

The letters came at the perfect time too, as the class have been taking part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge.

Christine said: "The class have absolutely adored taking part in the reading challenge and it has motivated reluctant readers and has encouraged pupils to read books outwith their normal type.

"We have been taking part in school challenges and have a personal reading diary. Many, if not all pupils, have read over 100 books.

"We have increased the reading culture in our class through the book project and using DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time and having school and home-linked reading challenges."