A SERIAL offender with a long-running history of making vile and abusive phone calls will find out later this month whether he is going to prison after failing to be of good behaviour.

Steven MacGregor pleaded guilty to a single charge in October after striking a deal with prosecutors which saw a second charge dropped.

A plea of guilty was accepted for charge one which stated that on June 2, at Clackmannanshire Council, the accused behaved in a threatening manner likely to cause fear or alarm by making a phone call during which he raised his voice and uttered abusive remarks.

The original charge was amended to remove an allegation that he made repeated calls and uttered menacing remarks.

A second charge was dropped by the Crown which stated that he done the same on June 8 as he did on June 2. The court heard that he had threatened an employee over the phone.

MacGregor, who has an atrocious history of similar crimes, was given six months to be of good behaviour but was warned by Sheriff MacDonald that the outcome would still be severe regardless.

Despite this warning, MacGregor offended again and was convicted of two similar crimes.

On November 7, he phoned the Children’s Reporter House and called an employee there a “racist c**t”.

MacGregor then phoned Clackmannanshire Council’s waste disposal unit on January 18 and proceeded to state that “I viciously hate you lot”.

He was sentenced to 230 hours of unpaid work and told not to phone any council department as well as undergo psychological counselling.

At Stirling Sheriff Court on Tuesday, Sheriff Mackay told his lawyer, Ken Dalling, that she needed an up-to-date social work report before sentencing his client.

The case will return to court on May 31.