WEE COUNTY volunteers donned gardening gloves and picked up tools to help improve the Mill Glen in Tillicoultry at the weekend.

The sun shone down on them as they worked away for around two hours on Sunday during the event organised by the Tillicoultry Mill Glen Action Group.

Those who headed along on the day continued work to maintain the beauty spot in the Hillfoots, armed with brushes, clippers, shovels, forks and rakes.

Jane Edwards, organiser, said: “We formed our action group to maintain all the paths and steps, to keep the glen in good condition and also to enhance the entrance to the glen as well.

“On Sunday, we were clearing the steps and the paths around the glen – vegetation, cutting back – and we are also planting flowers in the glen, wild flowers, because we are making a wild flower bank at the entrance to the glen.

“We had a range of ages from seven to 70 and the children enjoyed planting the flowers, and we were making a fence out of sticks.”

The glen, a popular spot for tourists and locals, was closed between the beginning of 2011 and the end of 2016 to allow for maintenance works on the rocks.

The action group was born out of the community council after it reopened and has been working away for around 10 months.

Volunteers are doing all they can to ensure the spot remains an attractive place for people to visit and they have received great feedback so far.

They meet monthly, usually on the first Sunday, to carry out work and anyone is welcome to donate time, money or tools to the cause.

At the weekend, volunteers found a use for sticks they found lying around when they created rustic fencing.

They also cleared the step and a couple of bridges, along with planting flowers to attract bees, butterflies and hover flies.

For details on what the group gets up to, or to find out about future events, check out the Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton & Devonside Community Council Facebook page.