TWO Clackmannanshire nurseries are celebrating after being given top marks from inspectors.

The nursery class at Redwell Primary School earned an excellent and a very good grade from inspectors who found the nursery provides a "first class quality of service".

Abercomby nursery, meanwhile has received two very good grades from inspectors who heard positive comments from parents on how well staff knew their children, activities and children’s learning.

Officials from the Care Inspectorate visited both nursery classes unannounced in April and talked to parents, carers, children and staff.

The report rated Redwell nursery class as excellent for quality of care and support and very good for quality of management and leadership.

Notably, the inspector noted that the service was perfect for the needs of the kids.

The report read: “A particular strength was the culture and work ethic of the team which resulted in excellent outcomes for children's development.

“Staff actively listened to children and their views were responded to with purpose which demonstrated the high level of positive interaction and supporting of children's ideas.

"Systems to identify and ensure children's care and support needs were met were exceptional.”

The report also highlighted that the “positive and nurturing team recognised the importance of working with families and has adopted approached to include parents in the services, support parents out with the service and truly recognised parents as partners”.

Abercromby, meanwhile, earned a very good grading for both quality of care and support and quality of staffing.

The inspector noted: “Staff successfully supported children's learning of social responsibility. Including children in the development of the 'nursery values' had positively impacted on their understanding of the differing needs and feelings of others.

“Children were kind and caring towards each other with some actively taking steps to include others in their play.”

The report also highlights that a particular strength at the nursery was children’s experience of outdoor play and learning and that children’s emotional wellbeing and resilience was supported though a range of experiences and nurturing interactions.

After viewing the findings, Councillor Graham Lindsay, spokesperson for education at the council, said: “It is clear from the reports that parents are extremely happy with the service, and that staff are working hard to make sure that they create the best possible positive learning environment where children are confident and learn well.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their work ethic and commitment to delivering such a high quality service for our young people.”