SAUCHIE volunteers will continue with work to brighten up the town's Main Street, thanks to a donation from a local supermarket.

The £504 grant from Asda Alloa will help with the drive to decorate the stretch of road with half-barrel planters, adding a bit of colour to the area.

It is an ongoing project from Sauchie Gardening Group, which was set-up around six months ago as an affiliate of Sauchie Community Group.

Around 19 planters, featuring vibrant flowers, have been distributed already and have been well-received by residents and passers-by.

Florence Mackenzie, a member of the gardening group, said: “Sauchie Gardening Group were pleased to receive funding from Asda to assist with their plans to brighten up Sauchie Main Street.

“This will allow them to plant and distribute eight more 1/2 barrels in various predetermined locations on the Main Street and provide summer plants to replace the existing foliage.

“The donation is greatly appreciated.”

Paula Paton, community champion at Asda on Whins Road, visited the group on Friday, June 1, to hand over the cheque.

She said: “Sauchie Community Group was selected for the impact they are making in the local community, they are a group that is inclusive to everyone.

“They have had a great response from the community so far and want to continue to make Sauchie a beautiful place where the whole community can get involved.”

The money was given via the Asda Foundation, which supports communities the supermarket is a part of.

Paula added: “The Asda Foundation's aim is to transform communities, improving lives now and in the future.

“Whether it’s helping charities, local good causes or community activity, they all make a real difference to the community.”

The gardening group has been pulling out all the stops to improve Sauchie and just last month, volunteers and residents came together to take part in the UK-wide Great Plastic Pick-up in a bid to keep the community clean.

More than 20 bags of rubbish were collected over the course of two hours and the hope is to organise a monthly litter-pick to build upon this.