A KINCARDINE musician has proudly unveiled his band’s new album – in the wake of onscreen battles alongside Chris Pine in the latest Robert the Bruce movie.

Charlie Allan is one fifth of the Scottish heritage band Saor Patrol, known for playing a selection of drums and pipes worldwide.

They enjoy a notable following in Europe as they continue to “represent Scotland” on the international stage.

The band also actively promote the Clanranald Trust for Scotland, a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to further educate all ages about Scottish history through the one-of-a-kind Medieval Fortified Village named Duncarron.

The album, released on June 22, is called Battle of Kings and focuses on Scotland’s wars of independence during the reign of Robert the Bruce from 1306-1329 fighting against both Edward I and Edward II.

Charlie said: “This new album falls in line with our continuing efforts to promote our culture and heritage through our live performances. We consider ourselves a heritage band.”

Indeed, the record was inspired by Charlie's work on the upcoming Netflix-shot Robert the Bruce flick, Outlaw King.

He was one of the Bruce's band of "fighting men" on screen, though it is not the first time he has rubbed elbows with major stars.

Indeed, one of the more intriguing things about Saor Patrol is perhaps their less-known celebrity status as they can boast of having roles in movies such as Thor: The Dark World, Robin Hood and Transformers 5.

Saor Patrol can also lay claim to having a true A-list celebrity among their following in the shape of Hollywood star Russell Crowe.

Charlie first met the star on the set of Gladiator and the Australian has since followed the band and even supports their heritage work, once visiting Kincardine to see the work the group do at Duncarron.

He said: “A lot of people get to like the band then start finding out about the movies and find it even more interesting.

"We always take our pipes and drums onto set with us to give everyone a lift when they’re tired.”

The piper said that he is unsure if any stars will be visiting Kincardine again in the near future.

He said: “It is down to them. He [Crowe] dropped by in Kincardine around five years ago when he had a premiere here.

"We found him a hotel off the beaten track away from everyone. He is very good at disguising himself.”

The band are touring Europe at the moment, with tickets available from their website at saorpatrol.com/concerts