A STAINED glass window pane which commemorates the 200th anniversary of St Mungo's Parish Church has now been installed.

The stunning artwork on Bedford Place last Tuesday, July 3, having been sponsored by the O-I Glassworks.

Not only does it mark the church's milestone, but also the connection between the congregation, the nearby plant and the River Forth.

The installation and the window itself was created by artist Moira Malcolm at Rainbow Glass Studio and now shines inside the iconic Alloa building.

Joyce Ferguson, of the church committee, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the window and thrilled that it’s now installed in the church as part of our commemorative 200th anniversary.

“A huge thanks for the generous donation from O-I. The factory has been a neighbour of the church for the last 200 years.”

Titled a Journey of Hope and Faith Over the Last 200 Years, the design combines the glassworks, the legend of St Mungo and the river.

The church committee decided on the brief for the project, before selecting a Church of Scotland approved artist to carry out the vision.

On the top right of the new window is the iconic skyline of the glassworks as well as a kiln, while the top left features a coracle – a type of boat in which St Mungo’s mother landed ashore at Culross where he was born and raised according to the legend.

Other symbols are associated with his miracles, such as the bird, tree, bell and fish are featured near the base.

The colours and shapes suggest the river flows down the middle and the most prominent feature is the white cross and rainbow, symbolising the journey of the congregation and the Christian faith.

Glass-making in town predates the church and the two buildings and the people in them have had strong connections.

Employees have been parishioners, they worshipped, married, baptised their children and said goodbye to loved ones within the walls of the church.

Gordon Leckie, plant manager at O-I, previously said: “While you could say the glass plant has been the economic heart of the town, the church has been the spiritual heart.

“We are pleased to fund the new stained glass window which reiterates our joint commitment to Alloa and the wider community.”