AN INSPIRATIONAL volunteer rugby coach based in Tillicoultry has been picked for a national scheme with training and development opportunities ahead.

Barry Munro, 22, who helps run the junior section at Hillfoots RFC has been selected for the TSB Young Leaders programme, run in partnership with Sported.

The passionate coach travelled to Manchester for the scheme’s launch event and posed for photos with double Olympic medallist Lutalo Muhammad last month.

He also took part in leadership workshops, media training and team building exercises across two days at the iconic Old Trafford.

Barry first took up martial arts as a youngster before completing his rugby and strength and conditioning coaching badges.

He said: “I've really got a positive, growth mindset instilled in me. I believe I can do better and there's no negativity.

“Coaching is the only thing I've ever truly done and all I've ever wanted to do. I'm blessed that I live the life I love.

“I think when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.

“Martial arts gave me a hunger for learning and that's never stopped for me. I've always wanted to get the edge in sport and helping people improve.

“I started with four kids playing touch rugby at my club and I've finished up on 52, so that's a really big thing especially in the small area.

“I'm hungry, I want to keep improving and want to get better.”

Barry will benefit from unique training to strengthen the community club, which he praised for its ethos.

He said: “The thing [that] makes Hillfoots Rugby so unique, is our philosophy that everybody plays. It doesn't matter if you're a 6'2'' superstar at 20-stone that can run through everyone, or a two-stone soaking wet through winger that can't do much.

“Everybody's involved and that's a rule from the top of the club to the bottom.”

Looking ahead, he added: “The specific thing I'm looking to do is improve my ability on social media and to network, helping get my message out into the local community.

“I think there's a big opportunity for me to improve my weaknesses in that programme.

“We all have unity, a shared vision and use our individual skills to try and move forward. We're building as a club and with the help of TSB and Sported, I can only see it getting better."