A WEE COUNTY thug repeatedly slashed and stabbed two men during a terrifying attack in the Hillfoots earlier this year.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard last week that David Marshall attacked the two men at a house in Tillicoultry on April 10.

He entered the house in the town’s Chapelle Crescent armed with two knives and demanded drugs from the occupants.

Alan Cameron, for the Crown, told Judge Craig Scott QC last week that Marshall then lashed out at his two victims by slashing and stabbing them multiple times.

The prosecutor said: “The accused entered the property and went into the living room. Those present noted that he had two knives in his hands, a large kitchen knife and a smaller vegetable knife.

“The accused shouted at them, demanding drugs, and told all of those present to sit down or he would kill them.

“He then turned to the complainers and slashed them a number of times on their faces with the knives which he had on him.

“The accused then told the householder to cut up towels and to get boiling water and salt for the two complainers before asking [one of the complainers] if he wanted to die.”

The story emerged when Marshall, who also lives in Tilly, pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting the men to their severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Mr Cameron told Judge Scott that Marshall had several convictions for violence and had previously served time in jail.

He said that following the attack, Marshall’s victims received treatment for their injuries.

However, their assailant had returned to the scene of his crimes and was speaking to the householder, who wasn’t named in court.

Mr Cameron added: “The accused returned to the flat and spoke to the householder who was by this time alone.

“A short time later police officers came to the flat and found the door locked. After a little time, the accused came to the door and was detained on suspicion of assault.

“Officers entered the flat and found obvious signs of a disturbance within and blood staining on the carpet and couch.

“The householder was visibly distressed and pointed out the larger knife which had been in the accused’s possession.”

Meanwhile, medics treating one of the men found injuries to his face, cheek, ear, temple and left buttock.

Doctors who treated the other complainer found injuries on his face and his left thigh.

Judge Scott deferred sentence for the court to obtain reports.

Defence solicitor Krista Johnston told Judge Scott that she would give her mitigation when he is sentenced on August 21.