EMILY and Jack continue to be the most popular names with new Wee County parents, according to figures from the National Records of Scotland.

In 2017, nine babies were given the first name Emily and eight were called Jack, in line with the most popular names across the country.

For the boys, Harry turned out to be the second most popular given name around Clackmannanshire, defying the national trend as the name dropped three places across Scotland compared to 2016, only just making the top 10.

When it came to girls’ names, the national favourite Olivia came second in Clacks, closely followed by Jessica and then Amelia and Ava. All three have been popular with parents in recent years, making the top 10 across the country.

While Isla was the third most popular across the nation, the name had to settle at the bottom of the table in the Wee County alongside the likes of Ruby, Piper, Mia, Maya, Grace and Matilda.

Boys’ names Jacob, Mason and Alfie proved more popular in Clackmannanshire then in the rest of the country. However, the same cannot be said for James and Lewis, which are in the top five around Scotland, but barely made it near the top in the Wee County.