A DARING Wee County trio took to the heady heights of Ben Lomond to raise money for Lochies School.

Claire Shearer, her daughter Morven and her schoolfriend Taylor Walker scaled the mountain in a bid to support the Clacks primary.

They pulled on their walking boots and conquered the Stirling Munro – creating memories that will stay with them forever.

It is a feat that Claire has had her eye on for a while and she thought the two eight-year-olds might also enjoy the experience.

It was a hot and challenging day, but they had a great time and returned home triumphant, albeit with slightly throbbing feet.

Despite it having been a "really long haul", Claire said Morven and Taylor helped keep her going.

"I couldn't have done it without these wee troupers," she said, "They are wee stars.

"They were amazing; absolutely amazing – they couldn't believe how high up they were.

"The views were just terrific that day, absolutely amazing. We took lots of photos.

"A memory was created and I won't forget it for a very long time."

The fundraising team have managed to raise well over £600 and the money is still rolling in.

People have shown their generosity, digging deep in order to donate online or via the collection boxes.

Proceeds will go to Lochies in Sauchie, which has long been raising money for a school bus, amongst other things, to help with its activities.

Claire, from Alva, has paid tribute to the school where her son Archie goes and says they have been absolutely amazing.

And she has more than enjoyed the whole charitable experience, saying: "It's been great – phenomenal.

"It's been absolutely tremendous the amount people have chipped in."

Taylor's grandmother Madge, also from Alva, says this is the first time the wee one has taken on such a feat.

Knowing how fond she is of Archie, and thinking it would be a good accomplishment for the youngster, she was more than happy for her to get involved.

She said: "I'm very proud of the three of them, especially the two young ones – it was a great achievement for them."