A CHARITY has welcomed the sentencing of a woman who failed to provide a suitable diet and veterinary attention for her extremely underweight dog.

A Falkirk woman has been given a five year ban on owning any animal, ordered to carry out 110 hours of unpaid work and placed under supervision for one year following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

The Rottweiler called Tia, who has since been rehomed, was found with an obvious eye condition which led to complications in her health.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA Inspector Robyn Gray, said: “Tia was unsteady on her feet and in very poor body condition.

"She was extremely underweight, weighing around half of what she should.

“Tia required surgery to remove her right ruptured eye and during that it was discovered her left eye was near rupturing, so further work was required to save her eyesight.

“Thanks to the hard work from the vet team and our centre staff, Tia pulled through and has made a full recovery and found her loving forever home with another dog who was rehomed from the society."

The charity welcomed the fact that the owner had been dealt with by the court and that a sentence was handed down.

It also said it hoped she would give "serious consideration about her suitability to care for other animals in the future".